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In case you missed it, Dana White recently uploaded a video in which he verbally attacks Loretta Hunt from for a recent article she wrote.

The video was quickly pulled from, but as is the nature of the Internet, continues to live on.

For those who didn’t get to see it, here it is. Be warned the video is NSFW (as are most of Dana White’s videos).

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  1. MMAKanas says:

    I hate profanity, and anyone who is overly vulger, however, FREEDOM of SPEECH means you can dislike a persons lifestyle and say so … liberal socialists castigate EVERYONE who thinks differently so why can’t liberal IDIOTS say what they want, as is with Dana?

    LOLZ! Just playing the devils advocate here…

    I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

    Voltaire (1694-1778)

    • R.J. St.Croix says:

      “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” is a great line and is a good way to live IMO. it almost seems like Dana does these over the top rants not because he cant speak any other way but because he knows it will keep people talking about him and his situation. imagine if he had just said “Loretta doesnt know what shes talking about and people should listen to her opinion unless she can back up these allegations with facts” we probably wouldnt be discussing it right now. good, bad, or indifferent Dana has us discussing his latest beef, mission accomplished lol.

  2. richard says:

    dana white is a poser he aint a badassssss i remember when he was going bald and hardly said a thing now he has a shaved head and money and drops f-bombs all the time what a f@g!

  3. Although Dana may have went a tad too far, I can see why he said it. Loretta is a terrible journalist and Sherdog is a terrible site. They often fail to completely fact check, its been going on for years. I use to run a crap blog and I use to constantly find inconsistencies in their stories because guess what?…I would actually check the sources.

    Did Dana go a tad too far? Sure

    Was he justified? No doubt in my mind.

  4. superman says:

    i’d train to fight Dana for nothing.

    This guy talks so much smack but doesn’t fight.

    Shut up you scum bag.

  5. Zak says:

    Hahaha that just made me admire Dana White that much more haha tell’em.

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