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Jan "Cuddles" Finney

Two months ago, I quickly recapped what had been going on in the world of women’s MMA for that month. June is shaping up to be chock full of fight news, so here’s the skinny.

Although Shayna “Queen of Spades” Baszler and Jan “Cuddles” Finney were set to compete in the finals of Freestyle Cage Fighting’s 8-woman tournament on June 12th, Baszler will instead be facing AJ Jenkins (who lost to Finney in the semi-finals by a close split decision.) Jan Finney (8-7) has been tapped by Strikeforce to face Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos (9-1) on June 26th at Strikeforce: Fedor vs Werdum.

This is a very odd decision by Strikeforce, and their choice to pluck Finney out of a 135-lb tournament for a title shot at 145 when she isn’t even ranked in either division has many people scratching their heads. Finney does cut weight to make 135, but it seems odd to hold a tournament in that weight class where the winner gets a Strikeforce contract if Strikeforce is going to dole out contracts mid-tournament. Cindy Dandois (who defeated Marloes Coenen, Cyborg’s last opponent) would have been a good choice. Same with Yuko “Hiroko” Yamanaka , Julie Kedzie (who’s defeated Finney numerous times) or even Shana Olsen. It is, however, possible that Cyborg requested this match-up, since Jan took Erin Toughill the distance and Toughill will likely be Cyborg’s next opponent after this match.

Coming from the world-renowned Chute Box, Cyborg is on a 9-fight winning streak. Although she has 6 wins by TKO, she only has one knock out in her record. Finney, on the other hand, is known for her one-punch knockout power and has knocked out three of her opponents.

Other big fights in June? The amazing Megumi “Mega Megu” Fujii (19-0) will be fighting Sarah “White Tiger” Schneider on June 10th for Bellator 21. I can think of about fifteen women off the top of my head who are more deserving of a shot vs. Fujii, but I am just excited about seeing Fujii fight. Rosi Sexton is also rumored to be facing Zoila Frausto for Bellator 23 on June 24.

My predictions: Cyborg, Fujii and Sexton by utter decimation. These will be exciting fights to watch, but I predict that they’ll be fairly one-sided.

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  1. richard says:

    im surprised u can name 15 women fighters off the top of ur head.

    • Yael Grauer says:

      LOL. I’m on the ranking committee, and there’s 9 who are ranked under her in 115, so that’s nine right there. Plus about 5 or 6 who are almost ranked or who are ranked 1 weight class up that have moved down in weight or sometimes fight at 115. As the best pound-for-pound female fighter in the world (IMO), Fujii also has a huge target on her back; a ton of fighters have called her out.

  2. PATRICK says:


  3. PATRICK says:


    • yaelg says:

      Yes! Actually, Tara LaRosa says she has a girl crush on Ginele. She did beat Helsel, who’s a bit of a gatekeeper but I’m not sure she’s still fighting; her last one was in ’08. She also beat Liz Posener, who’s one of my heroes… Liz is just a blue belt in BJJ but managed to tap out a black belt in open absolutes a couple years ago. Really cool lady.

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