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UFC 128 goes to New Jersey for Evans vs. Rua

Originally slated for Abu Dhabi, UFC 128 was confirmed this week to instead take place at the Prudential Centre in Newark, New Jersey.

This comes as the UFC revealed that plans were not in place in sufficient time from a suitable venue after the arena that the organization used for UFC 112 has been dismantled.

UFC 128 will be headlined by Mauricio “Shogun” Rua as he returns from injury and looks to defend his light heavyweight title against former champion Rashad Evans.

The card, which is slated to feature Tito Ortiz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, was also bolstered by the announcement of a potential bout between lightweights Gleison Tibau and local favourite Kurt Pellegrino.

It’s sure to be an explosive encounter as tough as nails Pellegrino always puts on a phenomenal show but will have his hands full with ATT brick wall Tibau.

WEC Bonuses for Henderson, Pettis, Wineland and Roller

The final WEC show went out with a bang and it was recently announced who would be the lucky recipients of the $10,000 fight bonuses.

Congratulations to all fighters involved in the historic card and it goes without saying that, if the victors can repeat their award winning performances in the UFC, their rewards will be much higher.

Fight of the Night: Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis

Knockout of the Night: Eddie Wineland

Submission of the Night: Shane Roller

World Victory Road: Soul of Fight adds yet more bouts

It’s hard to see just how World Victory Road’s end of year extravaganza could get any bigger with nearly twenty bouts planned including mma bouts, kickboxing and the finale of the welterweight grand prix.

This week it was announced that Dream fighter Won Sik Park will meet up with Sengoku firecracker Maximo Blanco and Dream’s Yoshihiro Maeda will face former Sengoku belt holder Masanori Kanehara.

The event will take place on December 30th at the Ariake Coliseum and is planned to be an all day spectacular with exhibition bouts as well as grappling matches in addition to the main card.

GSP wants to get straight back to the action

It’d be easy for George St-Pierre to rest on his laurels after his comprehensive victory at UFC 124 against Koscheck. However, a rest seems the last thing on the French Canadian’s mind as he recently confirmed that he’d relish the opportunity to fight at UFC 131.

UFC 131 will take place on April 30th at Rogers Centre in Toronto, a venue that has housed crowds of nearly seventy thousand. It’d be a decision that would make perfect sense for the UFC and St-Pierre was quick to express his interest in fighting number one contender Jake Shields at this event.

I would love [to fight at UFC 131], but it depends on the boss. If the boss wants it, I’m in.

UFC 131 is the potentially the biggest event in the organisation’s history and it is being widely speculated that St. Pierre and Shields will have their meeting on that card.

On fighting Shields, St. Pierre expressed an almost equal amount of excitement as he did at the prospect of fighting in Toronto when speaking to

I like watching [Shields] fight, he’s a very meticulous fighter. He’s a very technical guy. He’s a brilliant submission artist. I like to see him. He’s one of the guy I like to see the most. He beat up guys at 170 and almost everybody at 185. He fights in both weight classes. He’s amazing.

The week in words

Sean Pierson on the difficult balance between being an mma fighter and a police officer: “I can appreciate the position they’re in with what I do. I don’t look at mixed martial arts as a negative, but I think the mainstream still looks at us as a bit of a black eye

Nick “Head Hunter” Chapman on a British institution: “I don’t think you’ll ever understand the good old British cup of tea. No disrespect to yourselves, what you’ve bought to the world is fantastic; but leave the tea making to us.”

Thiago Alves on his performance and future: “That was the new me tonight and I thank everybody for the support for being with me through the good and the bad. I appreciate all the love and the support and I’m just getting started.”

Dominic Cruz talks Urijah Faber and his progression: “I just know that I’m a completely different fighter than I was then. My ground game is better. My wrestling is better. My standup is much better. I have weapons everywhere. I just know I’m on another level than him.”

Crazy Bob Cook makes a technical analysis of Josh Koscheck’s physical condition during his title fight at UFC 124: “His eye’s f**ked, this is over.”

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