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Strikeforce have had a huge few months, no pun intended, but their schedule doesn’t offer any rest or respite in the days to come .

It’s only a few short weeks until April 9th sees a host of international talent will descend on San Diego for a card headlined by champion Nick Diaz against UK wrecking machine Paul Daley.

Daley is coming off a first round knockout win against DEEP champion Yuya Shirai at BAMMA 5 and took the time to talk to MMAHQ about his intentions for Nick Diaz and his plans moving forward.

Paul, it’s great to talk. Congratulations on your win at BAMMA 5.

Thanks a lot, it was a good one.

It’s fair to say Shirai was a lot more dangerous than he showed in that performance. Would you agree?

Yeah definitely. The guy was on a big winning streak before I fought him and he’d not been knocked out since 2006. He’s only been stopped a few times and he’s a champion for a reason.

I read a lot of people calling him a can and it discredited the victory in a lot of ways and was disrespectful towards him. You’d have thought I’d have just beaten up some schoolkid reading some of them; he’s a legit fighter and a champion for a reason.

What did it mean to you to do it in front of your home fans?

It was really good because all my family, friends and UK fans were able to see it in person and it meant a whole lot to me. It was great to get it on British TV and it’s more positive media representation for the sport.

When did you first hear that Strikeforce wanted the Nick Diaz fight to happen as soon as April 9th?

Well it was the week of my fight when I heard a few different things but Strikeforce had announced that they were moving the heavyweight tournament around a little so we expected maybe to hear something.

Not long after I beat Shirai, my manager got the call asking about fighting Diaz on 9th April. I think when Strikeforce knew that the heavyweight tournament would have to be moved then my fight with Shirai was the one result they were waiting for.

Do you think you’ve got enough time to prepare for someone as dangerous as Nick Diaz?

Well first I wasn’t going to take it because I wanted some downtime after this training camp but my team spoke about it and we’re confident that we’ve got a good game for this fight and this is the right decision for us.

I’m going to smash him, take his belt then I can take all the time off I want.

There were situations outside of your control that contributed to the weigh in situation at BAMMA but are you confident that you can hit the 170 mark at Strikeforce?

Yeah the BAMMA situation was pretty messed up because the hotel had locked the Sauna off and that situation made it pretty impossible. In the end I only missed it by 0.8lbs and with a sauna that would have come off pretty easily.

There’s no downtime so I don’t have to do as big a cut so I’m very confident that Strikeforce won’t be a problem.

Do you honestly think that Nick Diaz will stand up with you?

There’s no way he’ll stand up with me. He might think he wants to but his coaches won’t allow it; Cesar Gracie’s a great coach and he won’t want him trading punches.

What holes do you see in Nick Diaz’s game that you can exploit?

His boxing and his lack of wrestling. I’m a better athlete than he is. He’s a really dangerous grappler but he’s got to get in close enough to make it work and I’m not going to give him the chance.

Do you ever want to fight back in the UFC or do you just want to fight?

I just want to fight against decent competition and be able to live the life of a fighter and pay my bills. The thing is there’s a lot of great fighters in different organisations and the UFC doesn’t have such a stranglehold on all the best talent.

It’s great for fighters who want to fight often against good guys and maybe don’t want to fight in the UFC.

So looking on to April 9th then. What are we going to see from Paul Daley?

I’m going to smash him within three rounds. We do have a more complex game plan than that but that’s as simple as I can break it down at the minute.

Well I look forward to seeing the fight. Thanks for your time and is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Yeah thanks to Maximuscle, Humbold Nutrients, Booster Fightgear, Cherry Active, Fight-Management, Puss Out Fightwear, Engage, Bet DSI, Fearless Fightwear and Lojak Fightwear. Thanks to all my friends, family, supporters and my management.

In a day and age where Dana White criticised Anderson Silva’s performance against Demian Maia and urged him to be like Mike Tyson, it’s ironic that Paul Daley represents the closest thing to Tyson that this young sport has seen.

Everyone’s got plans until they get hit” – Mike Tyson

An iconic quote for a number of reasons but it seems to hold up even closer in this comparative light because everyone also has a plan until they get hit by Paul Daley.

Daley vs. Diaz may turn out to be one of the most intriguing bouts of 2011 simply because the champion has proven to have a iron resolve but, if he decides to stand up for a long period of time, he runs the risk of being just another statistic of the Brit’s phenomenal knockout power.

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  1. seriously... says:

    did you just say that Daley is the closest thing to Tyson that MMA has ever seen? Seriously……?

  2. richard says:

    Funny i seem to remember him getting totally bossed in the ufc

  3. Brutus says:

    Bossed? Koscheck was holding on for dear life. Worst lay n pray ive ever seen. before that he two knockouts in the oh so overrated ufc

    • thrasher says:

      Face it, Koscheck kicked his *** all over the octagon. The only good shot that Daley got in was the cheap one after the bell when Koscheck’s back was turned.

  4. theheadhunter says:

    i disagree with the tyson statement,but nate diaz is tough,but nate doesnt have that knockout power!

  5. Authority Figure says:

    You’re trying to hard. Way too hard. Daley isn’t remotely like Mike Tyson. Mike struck fear in the hearts of every fighter. Fighters turned down bouts with him frequently. You could drop a frito on the floor and miss an entire Tyson fight. Tyson is probably 50lbs overweight and he is one of the most dangerous men on earth.

    Daley doesn’t come close to being anything like the young or old Tyson. Let’s just say he’s got a good chance and leave it at that.

    Hyperbole is not the blogger’s friend, k?

  6. Thanks for all the comments and for taking the time.

    In terms of the Mike Tyson thing it all depends on how you look at it.

    Paul Daley is dangerous in a way that not a lot of fighters are and
    that’s where I drew on the comparison. You don’t see any Tyson in the Koscheck incident, or when he swore explicitly on national television in the UK?

    Daley’s a phenomenal talent, easily the hardest punching Brit in the sport, but he’s got that edge to him that reminds me of why I loved watching Mike Tyson.

    Is he a phenomenon like Tyson was at the start of his career? No he isn’t and I see where you would have problems with that comparison but his mixture of destructive punching power and self destructive mannerisms are what made me draw the comparison.

    I didn’t do it to draw comment or to grab attention for the sake of it but I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read and for responding.

  7. FUEL72ER says:

    Daley will come out swinging but diaz will keep him away wit his jabs n long reach.. as soon as this fight hits the ground n I’m sure at some point it will daley get submitted.. he says tht diaz has a lack of wrestling but is he really dumb enough to try n take him down..

  8. Michael Greene says:

    The only point in the fight thats gonna hit the ground will be right afte a Daley left hook sends Diaz face down to the mat. Honestly, just look at the Cyborg fight. Cyborg was connecting with shots to Diaz’s face. Cyborg at 170 has less power and is WAY slower than Daley at 170. Simply put, if Cyborg could hit Diaz, so can Daley, but harder and faster.

  9. Mark Quinn says:

    To be fair tho paul daley 27 wins to 9 losses aint bad especially since 20 of them came by tko/ko’s and 2 submissions which where to strikes so 22 finishes. basically hes like mike tyson in the way that he finishes fights unlike example kos who hugs fighters to death that he cant strike with example paul daley.

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