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As mixed martial arts continues to produce wave after wave of hungry young stars, the modern day feats of the pioneers become even more incredible.

Randy Couture announced this week that his upcoming bout with Lyoto Machida would be his last hurrah for the UFC.

On that same night however, some six and a half thousand kilometers away, another long time mixed martial artist will step into competition for a championship belt.

The evergreen Jeremy Horn (87-20-5) will battle for the Superior Challenge Middleweight belt against fellow UFC title competitor Thales Leites (18-4) on April 30th.

Horn’s record, that dates back to 1996, is a catalogue of world champions and mixed martial arts superstars including Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

It’s hard to imagine just what keeps Horn going but it’s a question that he was happy to answer, thanks to Fortuna PR, when speaking to MMAHQ recently.

Jeremy, thanks for the time. I wanted to start with a bit of an obvious question really. Just how do you do it? You’ve fought on the biggest shows in the world against the best opposition. What continually motivates you to compete?

I just still love to fight, it’s that simple. When that urge goes away then I’ll stop fighting but it hasn’t yet and that’s why I still compete.

Your next fight at Superior Challenge is against a very dangerous submission artist in Thales Leites. Do you think he’ll want to take you down or be able to?

I’m sure at some point it will hit the ground but I’ve fought some of the best submission guys in the sport and done ok. I don’t think this will be different, every fight is a challenge but I’m ready.

There’s not many fighters who can boast your level of experience against top flight competition. Do you think it’ll make a difference in this fight?

Not really. Experience is worth something but he’s fought tough guys as well on big shows. At this level in the sport I think the training is more important.

Let’s talk about the show itself. How excited are you to be fighting in Sweden at an emerging show like Superior Challenge?

I’m always excited to fight in front of new audiences and to be part of bringing the sport to a new area.

Looking at Thales specifically where do you see yourself beating him?

I’m not sure that there are any holes. I think fighting today is about who comes to the fight sharper and more on point, not who can take the fight to their strong point anymore. That said it’s going to be a great fight on April 30th.

We’ve seen you training with London Shootfighters recently as well as a selection of great teams. Where have you spent this training camp and how has it gone?

Ive been training in Kalamazoo Michigan at Lightning Kicks with my friend (TUF12 contestant) Amir Khillah. He has a great team here and things have gone really well.

Well thanks very much for your time today. Is there anyone you’d like to thank or say hello to?

All the guys at Lightning Kicks and Amir.  Also, Prater Chiropractic, Las Vegas Chompers mouth guards, Tru Solider and Built to Fight fight gear.

Thanks again and the best of luck.

Thank you.

Jeremy Horn may well have fought just about everyone but it’s amazing to see that the fifteen year veteran still has the determination to keep coming forward.

Horn has never backed away from any challenge but an interesting stat regarding his burgeoning record is that he has fought no less than eight Brazilians, in over one hundred fights, but is yet to pull out a victory.

Statistics aside though, Horn vs. Leites has all the makings of an intriguing encounter and will surely cap off what is set to be an explosive night of fights at Superior Challenge.

Jeremy Horn approaches this fight in the same manner he approaches any  high profile encounter. The years may have rolled on but Horn still has the technique and big fight experience to be a difficult ask for any middleweight around.

He’ll no doubt be looking to break the streak but, more importantly, he’ll be looking claim yet another title; cementing his legacy forever in the sport he loves.

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