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Primetime Sports Bar & Grill in Burnsville, MN held a night of fights on Saturday, February 11th. The main event was a 155-lb. battle between striker Billy Christianson, who travelled all the way from International Falls, and Warrior’s Cove’s star grappler Ben “the Baker” Neumann. Christianson moved forward while Neumann looked to be working for a kneebar before setting up a heal hook, but Christianson defended and transitioned to top position. Neumann worked for a triangle and then an armbar, but Christianson landed heavy punches until the fight was called; Christianson won the bout by KO due to ground and pound.

In the co-main event, Lloyd McKinney (Spartan/Ironworks) squared up against Kurtis Ehrhorn (from the Lord’s Army) in a 130-lb. catchweight bout. Ehrorn pressed forward early on and scored a takedown. McKinney worked a really deep kimura, and Ehrhorn showed some great defense and somehow rolled out. McKinney kept looking for subs (guillotines, armbars, another kimura), but Ehrhorn showed some good submission defense and lands a crazy big slam at the end of the round. Aside from his sub defense and nice takedown/slam, Ehrhorn also kept spitting his mouth piece out in the first round. He got a warning the first time. He lost a point the second time. After he spit it out the third time at the end of the 1st round, the referee said he would disqualify Ehrhorn if it happened again. Ehrhorn spit out his mouthpiece again in the beginning of the 2nd round, so McKinney won by DQ.

In the only other professional fight of the evening, Aaron Maldonado from Focus MMA stepped up against Spartan MMA’s Kenneth Glenn for a featherweight bout. Glenn landed a good takedown, and a second takedown, after which he settled into side control, landed some punches and went straight to mount. Maldonado rolls and Glenn attempts a choke, but Maldonado regains half guard and manages to stand. Glenn lands heavy punches and Maldonado is protecting his face while circling sideways, but the judge calls a stop to the bout. Glenn wins by 1st round TKO.

Amateur Fights

Borderline Combat’s Nick Reece took on Ironworks’ Corwin Nichols in a barn burning brawl. Nichols landed the first takedown followed by punches, but Reece manages to stand. He eats punches, but Nichols scores multiple takedowns, and though Reece is able to recompose his guard, I called the round 10-9 Nichols. In the second round, Reece goes for a single, but gets his back taken by Nichols, who sinks in a nice body lock followed by a rear naked choke.

Spartan MMA’s Tom Krenzel took on Warrior Cove’s Tom Lytle. The fight went straight to the ground, and Lytle landed a triangle in just 28 seconds.

Joel Wales vs. Jacob Ostrowski probably had the biggest turnaround moment; Wales is incredibly aggressive with his striking in the 1st round both from standing and from inside Wales’ guard. Ostrowski looks cut up but the fight is allowed to continue on to the second round. Ostrowski lands a nice takedown followed by an arm-in guillotine for the win.

Kelly Ehrhorn from the Lord’s Army squared up against Spartan MMA’s Randy Lene. After some rudimentary striking, Lene works for a takedown but Ehrhorn defends by blatantly grabs the fence and loses a point. Although Lene’s footwork needs some work, he proceeded to land the biggest KO I’ve ever seen at 1:54 in the 1st round. Ehrhorn is incredibly wobbled minutes after the fight, but eventually manages to make his way out of the cage.

Sam Khom took on Ehsan Karam (who I’m pretty sure is from Warrior’s Cove, though it was announced as “independent gym”), and the fight started with tons of straight rights from Khom and leg kicks from Karam. Khom pushed Karam against the cage, but Karam secures the takedown, landing on top and working to mount. Khom turns to his back, allowing Karam to end the bout with a rear naked choke.

Zaur Jalil from Doc’s Gym and AMA took on Ironworks’ Kevin Vang, and the fight started with Vang going for wild punches and Zaur unsuccessfully attempting some judo throws but ending up getting taken down himself. Jalil recomposes his butterfly guard and the fight goes back to the feet. Vang keeps throwing big punches but few hit their intended target. However, Vang ends the round in side control. In the second round, Jalil lands a beautiful judo throw to kesa gatame, and secures a beautiful side-lying armbar winning the bout at 1:29 in the 2nd round.

Spartan MMA’s Eulisses Sanchez defeated Michael Stadler by 1st round TKO. He landed a takedown to back mount and finished with strikes.

Full Results

Professional Fights

Billy Christianson defeats Ben Neumann via KO at 1:59 in the 1st round.

Lloyd McKinney defeats Kurtis Ehrhorn by DQ in the 2nd round.

Kenneth Glenn defeats Aaron Maldonado via TKO at 4:31 in the 1st round.

Amateur Fights

Corwin Nichols defeats Nick Reece via submission (rear naked choke) at :53 in the 2nd round.

Tom Lytle defeats Tom Krenzel via submission (triangle choke) at :28 in the 1st round.

Jacob Ostrowski defeats Joe Wales via submission (arm-in guillotine) at :32 in the 2nd round.

Randy Lene defeats Kelly Ehrhorn via KO at 1:54 in the 1st round.

Ehsan Karam defeated Sam Khom via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:57 in the 1st round.

Zaur Jalil defeated Kevin Vang via submission at 1:29 in the 2nd round.

Eulisses Sanchez defeated Michael Stadler via TKO at 1:45 in the 1st round.

MMAHQ Fight Awards

Knockout of the Night – Randy Lene
Submission of the Night – Tom Lytle
Fight of the Night – Joel Wales vs. Jacob Ostrowski

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