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Dan Henderson’s position as the third man in the UFC light heavyweight picture has been cemented by Dana White recently as he confirmed that Hendo would be next to compete for either the light heavyweight or middleweight title.

The betting lines may have Jon Jones as a firm favourite against Rashad Evans at UFC 145 but Hendo doesn’t see the bout being as black and white as many people have predicted.

The former Strikeforce and Pride champion, speaking to ESPN, broke the fight down and signalled out Rashad’s wrestling ability as a potential difference maker.

Don’t count out Rashad Evans. Everybody’s assuming it will be Jones, but Rashad is a good fighter too. Rashad got a lot of criticism for his last performance but I thought he fought really well, really solid. Jon Jones is tough but Rashad could definitely come out winning.

He will definitely put Jones on his back if he fights like he did against Phil Davis. Rashad’s the better wrestler, it’s just that Jones is awkward. But Jones wouldn’t be able to stop him taking him down for that long. - Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson may be nearing the twilight of his career but there can be no doubt that the heavy handed Olympian still has the tools to trouble anyone who the UFC puts in the Octagon with him.

Jon Jones and Rashad Evans’s titantic feud will come to a head at UFC 145 on April 21st but the winner will have little time to rest on their laurels as Dan Henderson will undoubtedly provide a real threat to any would be champion looking to establish a legacy.

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