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Yael Grauer is a freelance writer who’s been working with independent media since 1996. She writes regularly for Sherdog, and her work has been featured in Ultimate MMA magazine, T-Nation, Experience Life, Bitch magazine, and the Performance Menu: Journal of Health and Athletic Excellence, where she also serves as the Managing Editor. Yael trains in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Find her on the web at

In the first part of this series, I talked a bit about MMA reffing. In this installment, I’ll provide a little bit of somewhat obscure information on MMA judging. I’ll wrap  up next week with some thoughts and concerns that came up for me. I’ll begin with a disclaimer. I did not actually attend most of the judge [...]

The second episode of this season’s Ultimate Fighter started with Clayton McKinney struggling with a shoulder injury which he thinks is a torn rotator cuff. His coach just gives him shit for being mentally weak and tries to push him even harder, and the injury ends up being a mere bone contusion and not a [...]

When I heard that the Minnesota Combative Sports Commission was running an MMA officials training seminar, I knew I had to be there. Even the more educated MMA fans sometimes miss key details, and as media I think it’s important to strive for knowledge the way a fighter  hungers for refining a technique.  Luckily, the Commission was okay with media coverage [...]

I was so looking forward to this season of TUF if only because of the quality of competition. All the fighters coming in had professional records, for one, not to say that’s the be-all and end-all. After all, Amir Sadollah won TUF 7 and came in with only amateur fights under his belt. Still, requiring [...]

A lot has happened in women’s MMA this past week, with some major players. Here’s some quick highlights and a whole lot of video. As expected, Miesha “Takedown” Tate defeated Zoila “Warrior Princess” Frausto at Strikeforce Challengers Series 7 by 2nd round submission (armbar). Watch for yourself. This fight may help Tate pave the way towards [...]

You gotta give Dan Hardy props. He has no quit in him. And many Brazilian jiu jitsu experts state that even if you do not win a fight, by not getting submitted you win the moral victory. GSP’s apology for not finishing the fight in his post-fight interview Saturday night indicated that he might be in [...]

1. Strikeforce is offering a free preview weekend this weekend, so now you have no excuse to miss Strikeforce Challengers 7 on Friday. The fight card includes: Lavar Johnson vs. Lolohea Mahe Andre Galvao vs. Luke Stewart Ron Humphrey vs. George Bush Miesha Tate vs. Zoila Frausto Shamar Bailey vs. Justin Wilcox Daniel Cormier vs. [...]

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW I’m one of the maybe three MMA fans that still consider themselves a Josh Barnett fan. So  was really excited to see the Baby-Faced Assassin fight again, even though I’d far prefer to see him face, say, Fedor. But this is not to be. Barnett fought K-1 veteran Mighty Mo, who is 3-1 [...]

IWMMAR is proud to announce the launch of the Women’s Independent World MMA Rankings. These rankings are independent of any single MMA media outlet or sanctioning body, and are published on multiple web sites, as well as Much like the Men’s Independent World MMA Rankings, which were launched last June, the Women’s Independent World [...]

In middle school and even high school, even the rumor of a fight was all the rage. We’d eagerly find a way to get to the meeting point, and if we couldn’t get there we’d sit and wait by the phone for the post-fight recap. At the risk of sounding old, I should point out [...]

On March 26, Zoila “Warrior Princess” Frausto (5-0) will be fighting Miesha “Takedown” Tate (8-2). Although Frausto won her last fight by armbar, the rest of her wins were by decision. Tate has three KO/TKO wins, three submission victories and two decision wins. Rumor has it that the winner of this match will be the next [...]

Undefeated UFC middleweight fighter Aaron “A Train” Simpson is preparing to face his toughest opponent to date. He’ll be fighting Chris Leben at UFC 114 on May 29th. And although he’s busy training for the upcoming bout, Simpson is taking time out of his busy schedule to help out with a food drive for the [...]

WEC 47 was so hard to watch! First, there was Brian Bowles breaking his hand right when the first punch flew. Bowles didn’t really seem present in the first two rounds of this fight, and that explains it right there. Surprisingly, Bowles has actually gotten some criticism for not continuing in this bout… which I [...]

I’ll admit it. I’m really not much of a team sports fan. I’m not sure whether this puts me in the minority amongst MMA enthusiasts or not, but I’ve never really followed anything but individual sports. I have a cursory knowledge of fantasy football obtained through eavesdropping on the conversations of others, and I’ve glanced at [...]

As mentioned in a previous article, Grand Prix tournaments in all major weight classes were announced to be taking place within the Brutaal MMA promotion and partner promotions, with the winner receiving a Strikeforce contract. What I didn’t realize was that one of these tournaments was already under way in the lightweight division. The Crucible tournament [...]

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