Victory Athletics Leather Shin Guards

Victory Athletics Leather Shin Guards

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    Heavy-duty shin & instep guards by Victory Athletics, with a classic black leather finish. Tasteful Victory branding is printed in red and white on the upper shin and instep, centered on the raised high-impact areas. Rather than one even layer of padding, these shin guards feature a thicker portion that's raised along the shin bone and more sensitive area of the instep, including a triple-ridged lower shin and double-ridged upper instep for better ankle mobility (without completely interrupting the lower shin protection). The outer edge includes a Pro Style ridge for added comfort.

    Equipped with two fold-over leather straps, again using genuine leather to avoid any clunky or jagged pieces. Includes two wide elastic straps that secure your instep and ankle. Soft moisture-managing interior surface.

    Size Guide
    Measure the cirumference around the widest part of your calf
    M: < 15.5"
    L: 15.5-17"
    XL: > 17"

    Victory Athletics Leather Shin Guards $25

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