Venum Electron 20 Vale Tudo Shorts

Venum Electron 2.0 Vale Tudo Shorts

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    The Electron shorts from Venum have always been a hit, and they're now available in Vale Tudo form! Worn by pros such as Frankie Edgar and other UFC vets, the Electron 2.0 VT shorts are ideal for MMA training.

    With an advanced cut that offers the kind of freedom and mobility necessary for all out sparring, whether you're on the ground to grapple or clinched up to work for/against takedowns. There's nothing to impede your leg or hip flexibility and nothing to get your opponent's toes or fingers caught on during scrambles.

    If you like to stand in the pocket, you'll love the kicking advantage that you get from the super flexible spandex build. Without panels of free fabric like board shorts, you're able to kick and knee without any restriction whatsoever.

    Complete with an wide elastic core waistband and 'Constrictor' grip lining that prevents shifting or slipping of your VT shorts. As always, Venum uses high-quality sublimated graphics and sturdy reinforced stitching.

    Venum Electron 2.0 Vale Tudo Shorts $22

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