Bad Boy Legacy II Shorts

Bad Boy Legacy II Shorts

    Bad Boy's Legacy II shorts illustrate that just because you've done something for a long time, doesn't mean you can't make waves. They've vastly improved their classic shorts format, including significantly greater overall mobility and excellent air circulation (which is assisted by the underlying mesh layer). The improved "combat cut" features a more flexible waistband and two-layer body design. These are the Bad Boy shorts you've been waiting for.

    Constructed from Vastek charcoaled bamboo fibers (a main benefit being superior thermo-regulation for your leg and rear muscles) and assembled with 3XRS triple reinforced stitching. The 4D multi-directional stretch is very impressive, boasting lots of flexibility without compromising strength. Equipped with a hidden mouthguard pocket and redesigned two-way closure strap. Internal drawstring.

    Sizing Guidelines
    S: 30"
    M: 32""
    L: 34"
    XL: 36"
    2XL: 38"

    Bad Boy Legacy II Shorts $32

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