PunchTown Deranged Shorts

PunchTown Deranged Shorts

    The only reason you shouldn't buy PunchTown shorts is if you are allergic to fantastically awesome shorts. Their "Deranged" fight trunks are constructed from Advanced X3DY stretch endurance polymer fabric, which is plenty durable and extremely comfortable.

    PunchTown's graphics use the most advanced dye process around. And if you couldn't tell, it results in superb detail quality. I'm saying if they handed out degrees for sublimation, PunchTown would have a doctorate - and write all the textbooks - and submit everyone else in the curriculum.

    Gas-infused prints are soft to the touch and are absolutely immune to fading, peeling, color bleeding, and so on. The quality of materials here are top notch, the detail around each corner is outstanding, and the construction is simply held to a higher standard. Precision seam work and a low-profile hook-and-loop waist closure are the icing on the cake.

    PunchTown Deranged Shorts $35

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