Samurai Series MMA Gloves

Samurai Series MMA Gloves

    We've got some high-quality MMA gloves from Revgear's new Samurai Series. Like the Samurai's hand-guard, or tekko, these gloves are there to protect the fighter's hands. The tekko allowed samurai to hold a sword while protecting their fist from their foe's blade, but kept an open hand so they could engage in hand-to-hand combat. Protect your hands with these new Revgear gloves, featuring Softech (tm) leather technology that feels nice and worn-in even when brand new. Advanced padding protects and stabilizes the knuckles and thumb.

    Open palm design for better hand mobility and improved grips (much appreciated by grapplers). Equipped with an extra long wrist strap for reliable wrist support and a strong Ultra-Lock closure that's easily adjusted with your free hand. Interior lining is quick to dry and easily wicks moisture away from the skin, making your Samurai Series gloves very well ventilated. Graphics will not fade or peel.

    Sizing info: Use a cloth measuring tape and measure around the circumference of your knuckles. If you'll be wrapping your hands, measure with the wrapping done.
    S: < 7" | M: 7-8" | L: 8-9" | XL: 9-10"

    Samurai Series MMA Gloves $32

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