Clinch Gear Wrestling Series Performance Fight Shorts - 2 Pack

Clinch Gear "Wrestling" Series Performance Fight Shorts - 2 Pack

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    If you liked the 2-pack of rashguards for $32, then we're about to blow your mind with a 2-pack of shorts to go with 'em. I'm talking about enough shorts to clothe two bipeds (or one Centaur) for the cost of roughly three iced venti whatever-you-call-its. Two pairs of shorts for less than the cost of getting your blue belt through Gracie Combatives!

    This sale includes one blue pair and one red pair of Clinch Gear's Performance Series shorts with "Wrestling" branding along the side panels. These shorts are tried and true, worn by pros and joes around the world for MMA work. Simple looks and reliable construction make the Pro Series a great choice for daily training or competition (with plenty of room for sponsor/team logos).

    Sublimated stretch side panels and a stretch crotch panel provide flexibility for high kicks and grappling techniques. DoubleGrip waistband with an extra-wide hook-and-loop strap keep everything cinched up securely. Built from a soft and light sueded microfiber (100% polyester).

    Clinch Gear "Wrestling" Series Performance Fight Shorts - 2 Pack $32

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