Shock Doctor Shockskin MMA Padded Shirt

Shock Doctor Shockskin MMA Padded Shirt

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    The ShockSkin Velocity is a helpful tool for day to day MMA training, no matter the experience level. Whether you're nursing a rib/chest injury or you just want to avoid being battered and bruised for work tomorrow... there's no need to absorb a full-power kick or punch, thanks to the folks at Shock Doctor.

    This updated version utilizes a new "PureVent" system which comfortably hugs the natural contours of the body with ventilated padding and breathable materials that promote better air circulation. Flexible fabrics and the sleeveless design ensure that you have optimal range of motion, able to spar freely and without restriction.

    Engineered ridges of padding serve to protect your ribs and chest while sparring, be it strictly striking or full-blown MMA. Give yourself an edge in the safety department by using this protection top, helping lessen the blow when your training partner lands a nice body shot, push-kick, etc.

    Shock Doctor Shockskin MMA Padded Shirt $39

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