ADX Navy Shorts

ADX Navy Shorts

    The navy blue ADX shorts feature a very lightweight and flexible design that keep you feeling cool and ventilated, no matter how sweaty the gym is during the Summer or how many extra rounds your coach puts you through!

    The main 4-way Dri-Flex material is both breathable and pliable, though not at all at the expense of durability. ADX's 0.5mm neoprene panels and stretch stitching ensure even more multi-directional flexibility, so you won't be the least bit restricted while striking or grappling. Throw your headkicks and blast your doubles!

    Not only is ADX's patented construction very flexible and light, it's also engineered to get rid of moisture as effectively as possible... Never weighed down or soaked with absorbed sweat. So whether you're putting in long hours at the academy, going to runs in the heat, or doing some lifting during the Summer while the AC in the gym is broken... you can't go wrong with these! The waist is lined with a special suede for a no-slip fit, then secured via hook-and-loop closure. Neoprene covering prevents the edges of the closure from irritating your stomach/obliques.

    ADX Navy Shorts $25

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    RafaelBJJ  -  Joined 4/6/2016

    Trying to think If I should get this now or wait for the rolling deals!

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