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Clinch Gear Workout Shirt 2 Pack
Clinch Gear Workout Shirt 2 Pack

    Today's sale includes two of Clinch Gear's Technical Tops.

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    Comments from March 25, 2015

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    LGLP Image
    LGLP  -  Joined 3/6/2015

    How is the sizing for this? I'm about 29-30 waist and 5'8''. I haven't measure my chest but will do it later on. I weight about 154 LB.

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    robertmglynn Image
    robertmglynn  -  Joined 2/18/2014

    I'm 6'00" and 170lbs, 34 waist. Not sure about chest size, but I'd go for a 42L in a suit jacket. I have four of the XLs from previous MMAHQ sales and love them. They're a bit tighter than an XL t-shirt, but nowhere near a rashguard. They are long enough I can tuck them into my shorts and they don't ride out. I could probably fit into a L.

    I like them a lot; I've had them for a while and no discernible wear. The ones I got, the logo on the black one was white, doesn't bother me one bit.

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    Gans S. Le Image
    Gans S. Le  -  Joined 3/19/2014

    LGLP you could rock a Medium or a Large.

    Since Medium is gone, I'd say go for the Large and if needed, dry with heat. But it should fit well right out of the bag :)

    3/25/2015 at 1:26 PM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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