R2C Elite Curved GelTech Thai Pads
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R2C Elite Curved GelTech Thai Pads

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    The new and improved Elite GelTech Thai Pads from Ring to Cage, featuring a rounded padding tip so the pad holder can also return strikes at the fighter. These extra-sturdy pads are built to take a serious beating, while maintaining a light weight. Genuine leather skin.

    Suitable for all kickboxing uses. . . Knees, elbows, kicks, teeps, and punches. With no sharp edges or hard angles, this is a safe training tool for all levels and styles. Extra soft forearm padding. Curved anatomical fit.

    Dimensions: 16" tall x 7.5" wide x 3.5" thick.
    Weight: approximately 3 lbs per pad.

    R2C Elite Curved GelTech Thai Pads $99

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